Thursday, March 21, 2013

The Beginning

Here we are in the midst of dreaming about and planning our first long term RV trip. It has been discussed for years, but details are finally hitting paper (and now screens too, lol.)

We are hoping that by sharing our experience that we might help inspire another family to take a long term trip!

Our family is made up of; Steve, Amanda (me), Cole (9), Lukas (5), our 4 cats (Randy, Kitty aka Mama, Hemingway and Cowgirl) and our dog Missy. Many think we are crazy to try and take cats on an RV trip, but I will show you where I have read about people who do it all the time!

The basic route for our trip will be from Victoria, BC to Port Angeles, WA. Then down the west coast of the USA, along the south, up the east coast into Canada and back across Canada to the West Coast. We are hoping for a 6 month trip, but are open to the idea of staying longer - flexibility on the trip will be key!

I hope you will enjoy reading about our adventure,


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